Dental Clinic in Rockland, ON

When the practice was first started as Laurier Dental with Dr. Moison and Dr. Lavergne, the area around Clarence-Rockland was different than it is today. As the town developed, so did we. Our dental clinic in Rockland grew right along with the town and we made it our commitment to be a positive member of our community. 

Rockland DentistFor us, that started with what we were doing within the four walls of our dental practice. We made it our obligation to bring the very best quality of care that we could to the areas around Ottawa. We didn’t let the fact that we lived outside of Ottawa prevent us from providing the people of Clarence-Rockland with the best dental services possible. We are able to offer that quality of care by investing in dental equipment and education at our office, and by putting your needs above everything else.

After establishing our commitment to Rockland with our unbeatable dental services, we expanded that dedication outside of our practice and into the community. We were deeply humbled by the support our dentist received from the community since the beginning, and it’s that same support which has allowed us to back community teams, scholarships, and events in our town.

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