In the past, missing teeth have been commonly replaced using dental crowns, bridges, and partial or complete dentures. However, that landscape has significantly changed with the introduction of dental implants. At Pacifica Dental Centre, we are committed to providing you the best care you can find, and that includes dental implants.

As one of the best restorative dental techniques available, the design and placement of dental implants allow for permanent replacement of missing teeth without involving healthy natural teeth in the treatment. 


  • Consultation — During your initial consultation with Rockland Dentist, we will work with you to determine if dental implants are the recommended course of action. This includes a complete dental exam and oral X-ray. If dental implants are determined to be a viable solution, we begin the process of tooth impressions and recommended treatment plan.
  • Teeth Removal — If the area receiving dental implants still has some remaining parts of your tooth, we will remove it to create a clean area. In some cases, the jaw bone may be damaged enough to require a bone graft to create support in your oral cavity. If this is the case, the graft could take multiple months to heal before continuing.
  • Implant Placement — Next, we’ll begin the implant procedure by surgically attaching small titanium screw-like components to the jaw bone. As you heal, your natural jaw bone begins to grow around the fastened implant, creating a root-like attachment.
  • Crown Placement — In most cases, six months of recovery time is allotted to allow the implant to be fused to your jaw bone. Once completed, we use a combination of temporary crowns to create the perfect shape and fit before finally attaching the permanent crown on top of the implant.

If cared for properly, dental implants tend to significantly outperform traditional prosthetic restorations in terms of durability, appearance, and functionality. They look like natural teeth, function like natural teeth, and last as long as natural teeth — what’s not to love? 


With continuous research and improvements, dental implants are deservedly becoming a treatment of choice for an increasing number of our patients. Become one of the many who have had their lives changed by dental implants, and schedule your appointment online today!