Complete Dentures Rockland

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Fall In Love With Your Smile Again With Complete Dentures Rockland

Have you been missing out on some of the joys of life because of fears over your smile? Want to savor your favorite foods and enjoy smiling again? Here at Pacifica Dental Centre, we understand how impactful a full, healthy set of teeth can be. That’s why we offer complete dentures to help restore the natural, beautiful smile you may be missing. As Rockland’s trusted family dentist, we are passionate about serving our community, both inside and outside of our practice. Experience the difference that Pacifica Dental Centre can make today!

Complete Dentures Rockland

What are some of the benefits of Rockland complete dentures?

  • Hold nothing back and smile with joy
  • Enjoy your favorite foods that you’ve been missing out on
  • Have confidence during new social interactions
  • Restore your natural facial shape and appearance
  • Clean and uphold your dentures and gums with ease
Complete Dentures In Rockland

What Is Removable Complete Dentures In Rockland, On?

Our composite resin fillings combine strength, durability, and appearance to give you the best white fillings possible. Though cavities were traditionally filled using gold or amalgam, composite resin fillings were created as a more durable, aesthetically pleasing option. Their basic white color can be tinted to match a person’s tooth enamel, making our fillings virtually impossible to detect!

Because of their functionality, many patients also choose to gradually update their old, metallic-based fillings to composite resins. Made from a strong combination of ceramic, plastic, quartz, and other compounds, these fillings offer the best combination of strength, functionality, and appearance. They can be used on the front and back of the tooth and provide the best durability and resistance to fractures for most small- to mid-sized cavities.

Complete Dentures Rockland

Implant-supported Complete Dentures In Rockland

While complete dentures were often the norm historically, they can become difficult because of their suboptimal fit, support, and stability. It’s because of these difficulties that we recommend implant-supported dentures and implant dentistry, but there are situations where removable complete dentures are required.

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Here at Pacifica Dental Centre, we’re ready to walk you through all the options available to ensure you select the perfect solution for you. Everyone deserves a healthy, happy smile, and we can’t wait to help you discover yours! Call us today to discuss your situation so we can uncover the best option for you!

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